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– Shame Nun

It was a brutal scene. Cersei Lannister has done a lot of things in her life that deserves punishment but did she deserve this? Some Game of Thrones fans cheered the whole way, others cringed. Either way it was a very memorable moment in TV history. It sparked countless memes, Game of Thrones related and other. It also made the Shame Nun costume a popular choice for Halloween and cosplay events.

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Season 5 Episode 10
“Mother’s Mercy”

The Shame Nun (a.k.a. Septa Unella) and Cersei Lannister before the walk of shame.

Season 5 Episode 10
“Mother’s Mercy”

The Shame Nun and a nude Cersei about to take an afternoon stroll through King’s Landing.

Season 1 Episode 01
“Mother’s Mercy”

The Shame Nun ringing her bell because that’s what shame nuns do.

The Shame Nun Costume

The Shame Nun costume is pretty simple. You basically have the silent sisters robe, a nun cowl (for your head) and bell to ring. Don’t forget the smug smirk she wears the whole time. You can add that yourself.

Shame Nun Costume: Monk Robes

First you’ll need your robe. This is a men’s monk uniform but these things are pretty unisex anyway. You’ll just need to add a nuns cowl to make it look more silent sisterly.

Shame Nun Costume: Gothic Nun

When we were putting together our own idea for the shame nun we were looking for the grey head piece and saw this. Halloween Costumes.com suggests using the sinister sister costume for the cowl. This is a better color and is also a few bucks cheaper for the smaller sizes. You be the judge on what you want to do for the combo. Or, you could just be the “sexy” version of the Shame Nun and wear this version as is.

Shame Nun Costume: Ring That Bell!

What’s a shame nun costume without a bell? get this large handled brass bell and annoy your friends and neighbors by yelling shame at them (bonus if they’ve got a guilty conscience). Just don’t slap them in the face and tell them to “confess”.

Cersei’s Walk of Shame Costume

What goes side by side with a Shame Nun costume? Cersei’s walk of shame costume! Grab a friend and wear this costume out together at Halloween or your next Game of Thrones cosplay event. Hopefully no one jumps out and flashes body parts at you, that would be just awkward.

Blonde Mullet Wig

Before Cersei’s walk of shame, the silent sisters cut off all of her hair in a pretty brutal fashion. Take this mullet wig and chop the back (it doesn’t have to be pretty) and you’ve got a pretty good Cersei cut.

Inflatable Doll Costume

Unless you’re looking to get arrested, you’re going to need a way to look naked without actually being naked. This inflatable doll costume is a good start. Ditch the mask and you’re good to go. You’ll just need to “bloody” it up a bit.

As another option, you can always try one of these unitards. They come in many sizes and colors if the doll costume doesn’t look like it will work for you.

Fake Blood

By the end of Cersei’s walk of shame, she was a mess. You would be too if you had to go through a couple of miles with peasants throwing stuff at you the whole way. Add to the authenticity with some fake blood.

Just grab a paint brush or cloth and smear it all over the costume to make it look realistic.

Check out our regular Cersei Lannister costume.

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Hopefully you like the Cersei’s Walk & Shame Nun costumes.
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