Jaime Lannister

“There are no men like me, only me.”

– Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister. One minute you hate him, the next minute you love him. Before you know it, you hate him again and on it goes depending on the episode. One thing’s for sure is the guy has charisma. Doesn’t matter if he’s wearing gold plated armor in Kings Landing or stewing in his own filth in a prison pen, you better be on your wits because he’s a sharp one. Deep down you think he’s kind of a good guy so you don’t mind wearing a Jaime Lannister costume. Admit it. That’s why you’re here.

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Season 1 Episode 05
“The Wolf and the Lion”

Jaime questions Ned outside of Littlefinger’s brothel. He wants answers for Tyrion’s arrest at the hands of Catelyn.

Season 1 Episode 05
“The Wolf and the Lion”

Ned doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Wolf vs. lion fight!

Jaime Lannister Costume: Season 1 Essentials

The Jaime Lannister costume for season 1 is pretty simple. We’ve provided two jackets that are great matches to what he wears during this time. Add some gauntlets, pants, belt and boots and you’re ready to go.

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Men’s Renaissance Coat

This combo Jaime Lannister costume is a pretty good match for the show version. It comes with faux leather gauntlets and belt. The jacket itself is made of polyester faux-suede and comes in plus sizes. If you’re looking for a quick Halloween get up, add some boots and a sword and you’re set.

Jaime Lannister Costume: Slim Fit Coat

Another Jaime Lannister jacket. This one will work better for those who want to piece together their costumes with more authentic accessories, allowing for a more detailed look. We’ve added different types of gloves and boots below to help you customize.

Renaissance Boots

An authentic looking pair of medieval era boots. If you look at the pair that Jaime’s wearing, you’ll see that they’re soft. If you’re looking for something more leathery, we’ve got that too. These are just suggestions to help you get closer to his actual outfit.

Jaime Lannister Costume: Boots by Funtasma

A faux leather option for your boots if you prefer it. These probably won’t be good for wearing all the time, but are a good Halloween costume version in a pinch.

Game of Thrones Costume: Royal Belt

The official Game of Thrones costume leather loop belt. It’s quality, it’s authentic and is a good all around belt for medieval and renaissance cosplayers.

Medieval Ring Belt

Another version of the medieval ring belt. This is a cheaper alternative to the official, but still a quality product.

Medieval Sword Frog

If you’re planning on bringing a weapon, you’ll need a sword frog. This basic belt hanger is a great addition to your Jaime Lannister costume.

Tough Leather Enforcer Gauntlets

Every swordsman needs his gauntlets. These are the tough leather version

Suede Swordsman Gloves

Need something a little softer? Check out these suede gauntlets instead.

Medieval Lion Halloween Gloves

They’re cheaper and meant for one time Halloween costumes. But they got lions on them!

Jaime Lannister Costume: Accessories

The Lannisters are a proud bunch. Lord Tywin is all about the legacy of the family. Finish off your costume by showing some house pride with these extras.

House Lannister Shield Pin

Gold Plated Lannister Lion

House Lannister Banner

Jaime Lannister Costume: ‘Season 3’ Halloween Style

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more Halloween oriented. Why not mix and match for a cool season 3 Jaime Lannister costume? Take any one of the following options, add an accessory or two and you’ve got a simple but cool get up for the evening.

Season 3 Episode 02
“Dark Wings, Dark Words”

Jaime and Brienne are surprised by Locke and his men on The King’s Road. Turned in by a travelling farmer. Jaime told you Brienne, you should’ve listened.

Season 3 Episode 07
“The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

A one-handed Jaime leaves Harrenhal on horse riding beside the disgraced (but soon to be Maester again) Qyburn.

The Costume

The severed hand doesn’t really matter, you can find them anywhere. We still added a few suggestions just for good costume hunting.

The tattered clothes and wardrobe are more interesting. You can combine, mix and match or simplify. We’ve given you a few options below.

Severed Hands

Jaime lost his right and on the show. With this set you can pick which hand you use.

Hand Chain Combo

You can always tie the prop hand to a string. But if you want to give it the edge, grab some shackles. This one is a pre-shackled combo.

Prop Shackles

A pair of shackles you can use to attach the severed hand and hang around your neck.

Prop Shackles Neck

A full set for even more effect. Attach by the neck, have one hand in a shackle with the severed hand in the other.

Dark Zombie Outfit

Technically a zombie outfit but it’s all about the look. Take this tattered costume, add a cloak and severed hand and you’re good to go.

Brown Gravekeepers Cloak

Another item with a different purpose that we can use. Throw this cloak over your tattered rags costume to create the full effect.

Gauze Costume

More of an all-in-one solution quick fix for Jaime’s season 3 costume. Ripped up and ready to go. Get rid of the mask and it’ll do just fine.

Cosplay Robe

Jaime and Luke have something in common. They both kissed their sister, and they both lost their hands. If you’re an SW fan you can use this robe for more than one costume.

Or you can just wear this bathrobe!

Happy Halloween!

Game of Thrones Costumes & Accessories

The Unofficial Guide To Game of Thrones Costume Wear

Hopefully we were able to help you find your Jaime Lannister costume.
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