Jon Snow

“I do know some things”

– Jon Snow

Jon Snow has roughly had three outfits during his time on Game of Thrones. It basically involves being wrapped in fur most of the time but we’ll point out the differences anyway.

In season 1 we’re introduced to Jon as the bastard son of Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and warden of the North. He’s not officially recognized as a member of House Stark and his step-mother Catelyn never let’s him forget it. It’s not easy being a Snow (the official name of bastards in the North).

But we don’t see Jon at Winterfell very long because there’s just way too much commotion with the royal visit. Jon basically slips out the back and heads quietly to the wall with his uncle Benjen Stark and Tyrion Lannister. But during this time and up until Jon actually “takes the black”, his cloak has grey fur trim, not the black fur that we’re so used to seeing.

The reason we point this out is because there are different cloaks you can get for each version of this Jon Snow costume.

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Season 1 Episode 07
“You Win Or You Die”

Jon Snow in his earlier cloak as Ghost brings him something disturbing.

Jon Snow
“Promo shot”

The Jon Snow we’re used to seeing in any promo media.

Season 5 Episode 07
“The Gift”

Better shot of Jon, wearing his trusty sword “Longclaw”.

Season 3 Episode 03
“Walk of Punishment”

Jon Snow in full on wildling gear.


Before we get to the clothing, we need to talk about a very importance piece of any Jon Snow costume. We’re talking about Longclaw, Jon Snow’s sword.

Season 1 Episode 09

Lord Commander Mormont thanks Jon for saving his life with a sword.

Season 1 Episode 09

The sword’s name is Longclaw, made of the rare Valyrian steel.

A quick history, and why it’s important.

Longclaw was given to Jon Snow by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont after Jon saves his life in “The Pointy End” (season 1, episode 09). Mormont was attacked by a wight. Wights are the undead brought back to serve as minions to the white walkers. White walkers were thought to be unstoppable until Sam killed one with dragon glass, but they don’t have enough for an army and winter is coming.

Longclaw is made of the rare Valyrian steel and plays an important part in the series as far as Jon is concerned. And since we’ve seen Jon kill a white walker in combat with it, some fans speculate that it will be even more crucial as the story progresses. And that’s why we’re mentioning it.

There is an official replica, there are fan made, and there are foam swords.

We feature the official replica sword on this page. It is a real sword (dull of course) and you won’t find a cheaper version of it at that level. There are also blade makers who make their own versions at an even higher price, and then there’s a latex LARP version.

The “latex version” is $100 and and is basically a foam sword, we wanted to point that out. The pictures can be deceiving and hearing stories from others who bought them, it was clear they weren’t aware of that. You can find them on many sites if you must have one, but pay attention to which version it is because unfortunately, some sites are less than obvious about it.


Jon Snow Costume: The Official Replica

Everything you see in the following section is the official deal. Licensed by HBO to replicate the major keys to your Jon Snow costume. It’s pricy, but if you try and have pro cosplay makers create you one, it will be roughly the same in cost (without sword).

We’ve set up the official section for those who want to take their Game of Thrones costume to the next level, and an economy section for those who might want to weigh their options.

Jon Snow Gambeson

Jon Snow Peascod

Cape of the North

Jon Snow’s “Longclaw”

The Scabbard of Jon Snow

Jon Snow Costume: Royal Belt

Jon Snow Costume: Update In Season 6

* Costume Reveals Plot Spoilers For S6 *


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, totally unplugged from the online world, you’ll know that in the season 5 finale, Jon Snow met the business end of a few Knight’s Watch brothers’ blades (damn you, Olly!) but luckily, a persuasive Onion Knight and a disillusioned Red Priestess just happened to be hanging around Winterfell. And, by the power of the Lord of the Light, Jon was resurrected.

Jon realized he had just survived a loop-hole in the sworn oath of the Knight’s Watch, and decided he was done with it all. He kissed the Wall goodbye and was now on a mission to join his sister, and retake Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton in a winner takes all, fight to the death at the Battle of the Bastards.

Jon Snow Season 6 Armor

Long story short, Jon decided if he was going to go into battle as a Stark, he was going to look like a Stark, while wearing his father’s armor to the party. This is the armor that a young Ned is seen wearing at the Tower of Joy.

This is an expensive piece, but it’s attention to detail, coupled with the fact that they’re each hand-made, custom fit to your specifications, it makes it worth checking out for the hardcore Jon Snow cosplayer.

Jon Snow Costume: Economy Version

The official replicas and custom armor are cool, aren’t they? They sure are, but understandably, not in everyone’s price range. They’re definitely more for the hardcore Game of Thrones fan who will get more than one use out of it. For the one-time Halloween costume, you might want to explore other options. Let’s break it down.

Jon Snow Costume Culture “Big Medieval Cape”

This may not be the official replica version of Jon Snow’s cloak, but it’s still perfect for any man of the night’s watch.  The way it’s designed makes it easy to fit with virtually any adult size Jon Snow costume.

If you’re going for a Jon Snow after he’s taken the black, this will do nicely.

Jon Snow Costume Boots

These are a real good style of boot for your Jon Snow costume. A lot of people go for the shiny knee high leather style boot because they look cool (and they do). But the reality is due to the his location, Jon wears something more similar to these.

Black Leather “V” Gloves

These are actually V for Vendetta gloves, but still make a great addition to any Game of Thrones costume that needs it.

Renaissance Casual Medieval Shirt

A simple renaissance style shirt in black. Wear this with a sleeveless vest and cape and you’re good to go.

Club Style Leather Vest

Sometimes you gotta get creative and rework the costume. Jon Snow wears leather, and this will fit over your black shirt without being too hot.

Medieval Ring Belt

If you’re going medieval, you’ll need a ring belt. This is a cheaper alternative to the official, but still a quality product.

Jon Snow Wig

“He’s never met a girl he likes better than his own hair”.

– Robb Stark

Jon Snow Costume: Wig by iLtoy

Jon Snow Costume: Wig by Top Cosplay

Game of Thrones Costumes & Accessories

The Unofficial Guide To Game of Thrones Costume Wear

Hopefully we were able to help you find your next Jon Snow costume.
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