Khal Drogo

“Maybe I told the Great Stallion to go f*** himself, and came back here to wait for you. “

– Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo may not have been around for very long in the Game of Thrones universe, but he still left his mark among fans. A khal is the leader of the khalasar, which is like a nomadic tribe. Drogo is a fierce warrior and has never been defeated in battle. A symbol of this is in his long Dothraki braid. They have to cut their braids after defeat, but Khal Drogo’s hangs past his thigh. Whether you’ve got a Khaleesi or are riding solo, why not try this Khal Drogo costume on for size?


Unlike his his wife and her Daenerys Targaryen costume which has tons of options, Khal Drogo kept it pretty simple when it came to his wardrobe.

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Season 1 Episode 02
“The King’s Road”

Khal Drogo rides beside his Khaleesi as they lead the khalasar to Vaes Dothrak.

Season 1 Episode 01
“Winter Is Coming”

Khal Drogo watches the “festivities” at his wedding to Daenerys Targaryen.

Khal Drogo Costume

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Khal Drogo Costume: Dothraki Armor

The Dothraki don’t really wear much armor (well Khal Moro did, but look what happened to him), so Drogo just paints his chest and goes as is. But, if you’re out in your Khal Drogo costume during the cool season, or you just don’t want to walk around shirtless all night, you might want to try out this Dothraki armor anyway.

Khal Drogo Costume: Warrior Pants

It’s kind of funny to see the dude in the pic holding a sword like that since Khal Drogo doesn’t use a sword. The Dothraki use their own style of weapons, most notably, the arakh (which we have in the weapons section below). But this piece isn’t about the sword it’s about the pants. Since pants are one of the only items he wears (and you probably don’t want to go pantless) this is a key item for your Khal Drogo costume.

Khal Drogo Costume: The Wig

As we mentioned earlier, the Dothraki braids are a symbol of how strong a warrior is. Khal Drogo is like Samson, his strength is in his hair. Having never been defeated in battle, if you don’t have long hair you’ll want to pick this up.

Khal Drogo Costume: Weapons

“Their blades are more scythe than sword… the better to cull the infantry ranks without breaking stride.”
― Ser Jorah Mormont

Khal Drogo’s Arakh

An arakh is a scythe like sword commonly used by the Dothraki. Although unable to penetrate armor, the arakh gives the wielder tremendous maneuverability of wrists. This is the official replica of Khal Drogo’s arakh.

Khal Drogo Costume: Plastic Arakh

If the official replica of Khal Drogo’s arakh is outside of your budget, try this. It’s a plastic version obviously designed to look like the weapon but without the licensing cost.

Khal Drogo Costume: Accessories

Khal Drogo Beard

Black Eye Makeup

Chest Paint

Stick Horse

Khal Drogo: Fun Stuff

Check out these cool extras for the fans who can’t get enough of the Dothraki horse lord.

Khal Drogo T-Shirt

Khal Drogo Mug

Khal Drogo Legacy Figure

Dothraki Language Guide: Learn Dothraki

You’ve got the clothes, now why not learn the lingo? A 128 page book and one-hour audio CD featuring over 200 words and phrases, grammar explanations, cultural notes, a dialogue, and exercises for reinforcement. It promises words not yet spoken in the series. Impress (or annoy) your friends with your hardcore Game of Thrones fan knowledge.

Game of Thrones Costumes & Accessories

The Unofficial Guide To Game of Thrones Costume Wear

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