Sansa In Black: Season 4 & 5

“If I’m going to die, let it happen while there is still some of me left.”

– Sansa Stark

By now Sansa has been through absolute hell and back. She’s gone from a naive little girl in season 1, dreaming about princes and lemon cakes, to one seriously tortured soul. When she accompanies Littlefinger to the Eyrie in season 4 she looks as though she’s about to endure more hell, until Lord Baelish intervenes.

It’s at this moment Sansa tries to take control of her situation and transforms herself into the Sansa we’re about to see.

Season 4 Episode 08 “The Mountain and the Viper” – Sansa’s new look.

Season 5 Episode 04
“Sons of the Harpy”

Sansa visits the crypts of Winterfell. There she finds a token of King Robert’s love at the grave of her aunt, Lyanna Stark.

Sansa Stark
“Promo shot”

A close up shot of Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in her new black threads.

The Costume

Black Sansa Stark Costume: Black Lace Dress

This black lace dress is designed for the renaissance and is a good look for your black Sansa Stark costume. Of course you’ll need to add crow feathers, necklace and boots. We’ve covered that below.

Black Sansa Costume:
Black Feather Cape

You’re going to need feathers. When Sansa debuted this costume, fans were trying to figure out the significance of the crow feathers. We won’t get into that here but it’s a necessary part of the costume.

Black Sansa Stark Costume:
Circle Necklace

Another important piece is the “circle necklace”. This version is handmade by a cosplayer who supplies them from their online shop. It’s authentic looking and is an excellent addition to your black Sansa Stark costume.

Black Sansa Stark Costume:
Black Lasticity Boot

We’re sure many Sansa cosplayers will have their own boots in the closet, but we added these just in case. They’re inexpensive and comfortable, in case you’ll be on your feet all day.

Sansa Stark Costume: Accessories

Show off your Northern pride! Represent House Stark with these banner accessories.

House Stark Direwolf Ring

House Stark Direwolf Medallion

Sterling Silver Direwolf Pendant

House Stark ‘Winter Is Coming’ Bracelet

Game of Thrones Costumes & Accessories

The Unofficial Guide To Game of Thrones Costume Wear

Hopefully we were able to help you find your Sansa Stark costume.
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